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My Yoga Playlist allows you to create your own custom yoga playlists from our library of poses. Access your yoga playlist anytime, from anywhere and share your custom playlists with others. Create. Share. Inspire.

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My Yoga Playlist Features

Create flows

My Yoga Playlist allows members to drag n' drop poses into a playlist to create their own flows.

Your Body

Search for poses in our library that are specific to your body's needs.

Dr's Orders

Experienced professionals can use My Yoga Playlist to extend their healing and care.


Seated Playlist

Stay focused on the breathing



aim for 3 times per week, but go ahead and do more if you want!


Chest opener

15 minutes

Add a burst to your day!

All bursts are under 8 minutes and designed to work a healthier lifestyle into your busy day. Take one Now!

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